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Tarzan. (echo) Swingin’ on a rubber band. (echo)
Tarzan. Fell into a frying pan (echo)
Now Tarzan has a tan (echo)

Jane. Flying in her aero plane
Jane. Crashed into a freeway lane.
Now Jane has a pain.

Cheetah. Rockin to the beat-a
Cheetah. Eaten by an Amoeba
Now Cheetah is Velveeta

Rhonda. Driving in her Honda
Rhonda. Drove her car into a pond-a.
Now Rhonda has no Honda

King Tut. Doing the Egyptian strut
King Tut. Fell into a great big rut
Now Tuts on his butt

Monkey. Swinging from tree to tree
Monkey. Got stung by a bumble bee
Now monkey is so funky.

Now my story has an end.

Date Submitted: 2004-06-24 22:58:00

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