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I woke up Sunday morning, and looked upon the wall,
The skeeters and the bedbugs, were having a game of ball,
The score was three to nothing, the skeeters were ahead,
The bedbugs hit a home run, and knocked me out of bed.

a-singing. . .Eener meener and a miner mo,
Catch a whipper whopper by the toe,
And if he hollers, hollers, hollers, Don't let him go, a-singing,
Eener meener and a miner mo!

I went downstairs to breakfast., I ordered ham and eggs,
I ate so many pickles, The juice ran down my legs!
a-singing. . . .(Chorus)

My mother gave me a nickel, My father gave me a dime,
My sister gave me a boyfriend, Who kissed me all the time!
a-singing. . . .(Chorus)

My mom's a secret agent, My father is a spy,
And I'm the little big mouth, Who tÜ"?Őthe FBI!
a-singing. . . . (Chorus)

Date Submitted: 2004-06-24 22:48:06

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