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The other day (echo) I met a bear (echo)
A great big bear (echo) In tennis shoes (echo)
(repeat whole verse together)
I looked at him, He looked at me
I sized up him, He sized up me
And then he said, ďWhy donít you run?Ē
I see you ainít, Got any gun
And so I ran, Away from there
And right behind me, was that bear
And then I saw, ahead of me,
A great big tree, Oh Lordy me
And so I jumped, Into the air
But I missed that branch, Away up there
Now donít you fret, Now donít you frown
Cuz I caught that branch, On the way back down
Thatís all there is, There ainít no more
Unless I meet, That bear once more
The moral of, This story is
Donít talk to bears, In tennis shoes
The end, the end, the end, the end,
The end, the end, the end, the end.

Date Submitted: 2004-06-24 22:55:03

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