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Oh Iím a duck rover from out in Montana
I round up them duckies and drive Ďem along
To a flooded corral where they bull dog and brand emí
Mozy on home just a singiní this song.

Singiní quack quack Gibb-i-ay
Quack, quack, quack gibb-i-o get along little duckies
Get along real slow
Theyíre dirty and smelly and it really donít pay
But Iíll be a duck girl till the end of my days

Thereís herds of adventure and romance I know
From a cowgirl stampede to a duck rodeo
But guys donít like duck girls and I canít wonder why
No cow girl could be more romantic than I

Date Submitted: 2004-06-24 22:43:57

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