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There was a desperado from the wild and wooly west,
He rode down to Chicago just to give the West a rest.
He wore a big sombrero and two guns across his chest
And everywhere he went he give his warwhoop!

He was a big, bold man, he was a Desperado
From Cripple Creek way down in Colorado
And he horsed around just like a big tornado
And everywhere he went he gave his warwhoop!

He went to Coney Island just to take in all the sights
He saw the hoochie-koochie girls all dressed in purple tights
He got so darn excited that he shot out all the lights.
And everywhere he went he gave his warwhoop!

One day the Desperado was a walkin’ down the street
He chanced upon a policeman who was walkin’ on his beat
He grabbed him by the collar and he grabbed him by the seat
And he threw him where he couldn’t give his warwhoop

Date Submitted: 2004-06-24 22:42:58

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