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Lyrics: The Belly Button Song
presented to Cub Scouts at the very first session of Adventure Cove (either 1993 or 1994) at Camp Clark by Dave "Big Toe" Proehl

Me take care of me belly button,
Me like to keep it nice and clean.
For if me neglect me belly button,
Then it grow the fungus green.
(twirl in a circle, flailing arms wildly above head)

Some people they have an innie,
deeper than the Grand Canyon.
And some people they have an outie
Bigger than the Astrodome.

OH, CHORUS . . . .

When I was a litttle baby,
My mamma stood* and she adored.
Doctor gave me a belly button
When he cut the umbilical cord.

OH, CHORUS. . . .

In the winter I wear my sweater,
The one that my Aunt Nelly sent.
When I take it off at night
My belly buton is full of lint!

OH, CHORUS . . . .

*or "looked."
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