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I woke up Sunday morning,
I looked up on the wall.
the skeeters and the bedbugs,
were having a game of ball.
The score was two to nothing,
the skeeters were ahead.
The bedbugs make a homerun,
and knocked me out of bed.

I'm singing eener, meaner and a miner moe,
catch a whipper whopper by it's toe.
And if he hollars, hollars, hollars don't let him go,
I'm singing eener, meaner and a minor moe.

I went downstairs to breakfast,
I ordered ham and eggs.
I ate so many pickles, (pickles is said in a high voice)
the juice ran down my legs


I went upstairs from breakfast,
to see what was the score.
the bedbugs scrambled thru the night,
to make it 5 to 4.


Date Submitted: 2007-07-05 21:12:48

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