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chorus: fold arms in front and rock them from side to side as if paddling a kayak
Ahtcha, kahtcha nouva, Ahtcha, kahtcha nouva,
Hey, meesa day, meesa dova, meesa day

Hexacola meesa wahta, Hexacola meesa wahta

Motions done while singing verse
Verse 1 - Greet Spouse - Rub nose with palm of right hand then left

Chorus - sung slightly fast

Verse 2 - Look for Walrus - shade eyes with right hand then left, but with palms turned upward

Chorus - sung excitetely just saw walrus

Verse 3 - Shoot Walrus - one arm extened, one bent. On last syllable fo wahta, slap as you exchange positions of hands.

Chorus - paddle fast before he sinks - sing chorus quickly

Verse 4 - Pull him in to kayak - Pretend to pull a rope, grunting after last syllable of wahta.

Chorus - sing slowly your boat is heavy

Verse 5 - Greet Villagers - Wave happily with right arm then left arm

Chorus - sing normally

Verse 6 - Greet Spouse - same as verse 1

Date Submitted: 2007-07-05 21:09:01

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