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The counselors they give us,
they say are mighty fine,
but we get up at seven ,
and they get up at nine.

Oh, I don't want to go to Girl Scout Camp
Gee Mom, I wanna go, but they won't let me go
Gee Mom, I wanna go hooome.

The donuts they have there
they say are mighty fine
but one rolled off the table
and hurt a friend of mine. Chorus

The trails they take us on
they say are really neat
but after seven miles
you'll have blisters on your feet. Chorus

The water they have there
they say is mighty fine
but when you try to drink it
it taste like turpentine. Chorus

The nursie they have there
they say is might nice
but if you hurt your finger
she'll hurt the other nine. Chorus

(continue to make up verses)

Date Submitted: 2007-07-05 21:06:19

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